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Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a no, no, NO from me..

My last post was about items I love, this is about the items I do not like. It's my own personal taste and this may come and go (I mean at one stage I didn't like wedges ...).
* Jeggings - I mean really? Jeans are so specific to shape, height, weight and stretchy legging /jeans are not flattering, except for maybe completely toned or skinny girls. These pants show up any imperfection and I really don't think it is confidence boosting. Like tights my friend assures me that they are comfortable for long drives or plane rides or for around the house ...this may be so but when you reach or are about to reach your destination try to change into something more flattering (can still be comfortable) especially if you are meeting someone important.

* Visible Panty Lines- (VPL) they look tacky and gives the impression that your clothes are ill-fitting. These days a variety of different types of underwear are available to prevent this. The most effective are seamless, streamlined undies available in all colours although the nude/skin coloured give the best no line effect under a multitude of outfits and fabrics including tight, sheer clothes and the dreaded white pants..

* Large amount of exposed cleavage - by all means flaunt what you have and use your assets to your advantage but less is more. Cleavage can be displayed tastefully, but as my Grandmother always told me, 'keep some mystery about yourself', if a guy can see everything on display constantly he will lose interest- no effort required, no chase. Some ways to intrigue while maintaining style and still look sexy are use some lace, , nicely draped clothing or details like ruching. These will accentuate curves in an elegant way. Also keep in mind the occasion, venue or company - no one wants to look like an escort at a family dinner, funeral, children's birthday party or work event.

*Ugg boots- no. Unless worn during camping, around the house, on school camps or retreats, drive-ins (For which I have my own). Or house parties... but it should end there, I don't care how many tassels, beads, wool, sequins, beads, zips are used to embellish them or how expensive they were, do not wear them out to a pub or club (I have seen it), an important party like a 21st or another event where dressing up is usually required, out to dinner or the shops or school.

*Tassels - they seemed to be on alot of things this winter- hats, shoes, shirts... not the best look outside of a rodeo or farm.

*Obvious bikini triangle tan lines- paired with strapless dresses it looks tacky and cheap (beach coverups are obviously different). I really dislike seeing someone. At a wedding or even dressed up, out in these beautiful dresses with large white triangles on their chest. Either alternate swimsuits or attempt to blend the tan (fake tan, gradual tanning moistuiser. Or moisturiser and bronzer.You could also wear a different dress!

* Super short shorts that have the pockets coming out the bottom of the pants. You look like you can't afford clothing, you may as well not be wearing clothes, it looks undignified and cheap.

* Dresses /skirts over jeans - not a great look, probably uncomfortable too. Makes you look bulky and hobo but not in a chic way.

* Wearing heels you can't walk in- this is a MASSIVE fashion NO. If you cannot walk in the shoes do not buy them, or practice walking in them until you can before you wear them. It doesn't look impressive, you look uncomfortable and silly, who would wear something that makes them lose a skill they gained before they were two? I wear heels quite regularly and if they are particularly high or difficult I still do a couple of laps of my house. If you can pull them off and walk or dance in them properly you will look confident and sexy (your legs will look amazing too)!

* Unblended makeup - makes you look like you couldn't be bothered to look nice, makes you look fake and everyone -guys included- will notice. Take the time to shop around for a base colour similar to your skin tone and blend as you apply. Powder and primer will also help create a flawless base that will look great on its own or enhance the rest of your makeup. Moisturiser will also ensure hydrated skin and reduce imperfections which are harder to cover or blend over.
K, Xx

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