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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For the Style Seeking Girl is moving...

Hi all...
I have not posted for a long time I know! But I am back in the game. This year has been one of the hardest I have had in a long time. So the blogging had to stop for a while. I missed it, and have decided to make the move to WordPress, something I had toyed with for a long time. You can find the new and improved For the Style Seeking Girl here.

Look forward to seeing you all there - in fact, you're getting redirected now
- Lots of Love

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Stying Mission Task Three

Hi Styling Lovers, read more about our challenge For the Style Seeking Girl's September Styling Mission and feel free to join! I would love to have you take part.
The past few days on instagram have been sensational! I am already amazed with the people taking part and loving the pictures and styles I am seeing. Everyone seems to be getting behind the less than 24hours notice of tasks and I am thrilled. I am calling participants Styling Agents - so fun!

SO thrilled in fact that I created a prize today, as in the mission description {click the above link} each week I will name a Super Special Styling Agent. This person may have put in a huge amount of effort to complete the daily tasks, uploaded beautiful pictures and have interacted and supported other Styling Agents through liking, commenting and celebrating the fashion, beauty and styling choices of others.

The prize: {email is - please excuse the error I am in the middle of nightshifts!}

Here is the theme for tomorrow - one I am going to LOVE

The possibilities for the 90s are endless... there are so many distinct fashion and beauty choices from this era and I cannot wait to see what you all choose!
Happy Styling my lovely agents.... and one question? Do you accept the task?
Kooklah Xo

Super Secret Styling Mission - September..

For the Style Seeking Girl is pleased announce a style/fashion/beauty challenge. The Top Secret Styling Mission - I have always been slightly obsessed with thoughts of secret agents or missions -brought on by my love for books, shows and movies about them {real or not}. When thinking of how I could revamp my initial challenge idea - granted that I wanted to do something that would make myself take leaps with my own choices- I decided that creating a mission type scenario would be perfect.

If people can complete the whole month I will be impressed, but I wanted to create something that meant participants can come and go, they can accept and complete a task one day and decide to have a day off if they are too busy the next.

How it works...
There is no official preview of what the month will involve but each night a task is given to the styling agents {this is YOU} for the next day. I will upload a task memo to instagram, twitter, Facebook and the blog with a theme for the next day. I know this is not a lot of time but that's the point. I liked the idea of having limited time to think of what to wear, what to style or which look to flaunt, I love when people THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

What to expect?
To have fun - my passion is fashion and beauty, I love to style outfits and share them with others who enjoy the same. Expect the unexpected - some days may have two aspects to a theme, or involve imitating someone's style, expect to push the boundaries. You will need to think outside the box, I am hoping people won't feel they have to buy something for the Mission ... if you don't have something for a theme... could you dress the opposite? Or maybe that's the task day you will have off.

Who's involved?
A growing number of instagram fashionistas - head there to see the majority of the action!
Everyone involved becomes what I like to call a 'Styling Agent' {every week I will pick a "Super Special Styling Agent", someone who has blown me away with their Mission completions!}

How do you share and make sure For the Style Seeking Girl sees your pics?
Upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or comment with a link to your picture.

If you share on any mediums where hashtags are used, tag #forthestyleseekinggirl
Tag @saregiak on Instagram or @sarahgiak / @styleseekgirl on twitter
for Facebook share on the For the Style Seeking Girl Facebook Page

The Brief:

 The theme doesn't have to take over your whole outfit if you do not want it to- maybe you could incorporate it in a small way... to be considered as completed you just need to have some aspect of your look influenced by the prompt. Upload a photo each day and tag as in the brief as well as in the 'how to share' section.

Do I have to complete each day?
Not at all. Bonus points if you do! But just have fun and choose the tasks you wish to complete. I encourage you to attempt the ones that push you to be a bit more creative - they are fun and exciting!

Can I catch up if I want to?
Of course! I know what it is like to be busy... please do catch up if you have missed a day or found out about a task late... I will still consider that completed!

Day One
 Rock a pair of earrings, wear studs that adorn your clothes or accessories... be seen! Make an impact!

Day Two
Wear the colour that makes you happy, the colour you love yourself sick in! Note; this may not be the colour people always comment on you in.. this theme is all about YOU.

Hope you enjoy your mission, until next time...

Kooklah - For the Style Seeking Girl's Styling Mission Headquarters



Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inspire Me Monday...

 I love to do these Monday inspiration posts, they often give me something to mull over for the week or at least something really pretty to look at! I am getting in early for this week, and I have chosen some pictures that have inspired me - culturally, spiritually, with fashion or beauty or make me laugh.

I hope you have a good start to the week! This week I am trying to put into place things I have worked on over the last few days and aim to be inspired by something everyday - little or big, significant or seemingly insignificant. I am also hoping I can blog more regularly! Life keeps getting in the way {"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans..." John Lennon}

Style to Steal...
This picture is amazing - the class, edge and femininity that it brings through. I am a huge fan of so many aspects and already incorporate some of them in my wardrobe. The tailored blazer {although not white - MUST try!}, the curls, the statement necklace, the talking tee and the black statement bag. I am keen to try them as a combination... amazing for drinks at a bar or for a dressy date.

I love this! The perfect picture to show - or words to say - when you get the 'oh it's just periods, what's the big deal' comments from guy friends/brothers/boyfriends... Plus, when you think about it. It is kind of an amazing thing our bodies do!

A Festival to Wander to...
The Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, I have never seen snow... so I am amazed by anything to do with snow. I think this looks amazing and really want to find out more about it...

Words of Wisdom
I love this quote. Everyone is human, we all have emotions. What we feel is real, we shouldn't be afraid or embarrassed about our emotions and feelings. If things aren't going well, or if they fall apart, if you fall apart -  own it, use it, learn from it and grow from it. This happened to me recently - but it is ok. I made time for myself, and did things I wanted to do - like catching up with a friend over dinner and wine, went to the movies on my own, spent some moolah on shopping, slept in and took my gorgeous dog for a walk in the sun

Salt in the air, sand in my hair ... Sunglasses on my face
Summer is coming, slowly - the sun is shining, the sky seems to glow and the nights have been getting warmer. Summer is a wonderful season and what better to pair with a pretty summer dress than some rocking shades? Not only do they look good but sunglasses are a great way to Sun Safe. I recently came across Vision Direct Australia, an online store selling glasses and sunglasses from leading designers such as Tiffany and Co, Roberto Cavalli, Police, Burberry, Carrera and Miu Miu. For designer sunglasses I think their prices are pretty affordable, plus there is the added bonus of free shipping and a free lens kit {valued at $30}. As if you needed more incentive, Vision Direct have an amazing project called Buy One, Give One. Keep updated via Vision Direct Australia Facebook for sales or amazing opportunities.

Amazing 'Blonde Havana' glasses from Carrera {remind me of animal print, more colours available}
These Police sunglasses scream summer in the sun and surf to me. I love the aviator shape with sturdy frames. {also available in multiple colours}

What is inspiring you, making you smile or causing you to think at the start of this week? As always, you can contact on and like on Facebook for more updates - For the Style Seeking Girl Facebook

Saturday, August 24, 2013

For the Love of Costume Jewellery

"A woman should mix fake and real. To ask a woman to wear real jewels only, is like asking her to cover herself with real flowers instead of flowery silk prints.” Coco Chanel

I have a very serious love affair with costume jewellery. I think it started around the time I was 4. My mother used to give me strings of beads and necklaces to dress up with. I was taken. I love it in all forms - classic imitations of pearls or iconic/designer pieces, garish gold and pieces that are oversized or make taking risks that much more fun, brighter or sparkly.

Costume jewellery is so easily accessible and can be found at markets, op shops and retail shops. My favourite pieces to collect are statement necklaces {big, textured, vibrant colours, intricate designs}, cocktail rings {usually oversized finger candy that packs a punch} and earrings {dangling ones are my favourites}. Statement necklaces are fantastic as they can be paired with pretty much everything and anything - pair with jeans and a t-shirt for understated but definitely noticed glamour or with a dress to put together the perfect event outfit.

In my opinion costume jewellery aides in not only creating a look but telling a story. It is affordable, exciting and will spark compliments or conversations. There is something for everyone - from dainty trinkets to large, oversized statement accessories. One great tip: limit the tacky... you can wear it without looking like you got dressed in the dark on the way to a fancy dress party. Some of my favourite items in my collection are tacky, but I either style it in a way that plays it up and has fun with it or tones down the glare.

My two favourite places to buy some pieces are Lovisa and Equip .. I find so many great buys and amazing accessories from these shops. I am always keeping my eyes open for statement pieces and have found them in stores like Dotti, Big W, Kmart, opshops or vintage stores and small boutiques too.

Here are six new finds I currently love {and where to buy them!} + all items are less than $30

The Mosaic Triangle Cobalt Bib {LOVISA}

Lovisa is one of my go to places for statement necklaces, I think this item is just gorgeous, a good size and I love that it not only looks classy but has some edge to it. Triangles are right on trend and once I saw this necklace I automatically thought of five outfits I would create. Added to my wishlist!
{In the research of this article I admit... I snuck out and purchased it! Retails at $29.99}

 Add some glistening glamour with the Graduated Tassle Drop Earring {Equip}
I think these are perfect for a night out or to wear to a formal, wedding or maybe just because! They are a steal at $12.99 {currently included in the buy 2 get 1 free deal from Equip}. I love these because they look sophisticated, and are in tone with the 1920s Glamour trend as shown in the Great Gatsby {read this article for more Gatsby style tips and tricks} - a classic pair of dangly earrings.
Lately, I have been obsessing over cuffs. Lovisa have the best range I can find - and most without the awful string/stretch style - below is the Gold Curved Edge Clamp Cuff I have had my eye on
Every time I look at it I think how amazing it would look paired with a little black dress or even skinny jeans and my red stilettos with gold spikes running down the heel. This is a perfect signature piece which makes a statement on its own or adds impact to a show stopping outfit. It is also available in silver, retails at $19.99 {only recently purchased the Rose Gold Tone Asymmetrical Cuff but feel this cuff may make an appearance in my collection soon!}
 If I am going to wear a costume ring, it has to have impact, make a statement and stand out... which is the definition of a cocktail ring. Originally worn on the hands of women sipping cocktails and enjoying festivities, and now available to everyone.. You can go as simple or extravagant as you want - I always think a ring has been a success when it catches someone's eye and/or you get a comment or compliment about the ring. I loved this multi-coloured, embellished ring and snapped it up for $16.99
Embrace the tribal trend with the Ombre Ribbon Necklace
No animal print on this one but I adore the weaved look using a combination of gold metal and ribbon. It reminds me of women in African tribes or easily similar to fashions I saw in Dubai. I think exotic as soon as I see it and will be keeping an eye out for any future colours to come out before I decide which one to get - the turquoise ombre is a great piece for summer - pair with white, gold and bronzed skin. You can pick this up for $19.99
Lastly, I will extend this post to including the hair - hair covers {metal rings for over ponytails}, headbands, crowns, combs, clips, hairties ... often are just as embellished as the jewellery

The Cobalt Blue Beaded Sequin Headband retails at $19.99 from Lovisa and is a great statement piece to go with an outfit for a night out, special event or even for everyday wear, the elastic band means it can easily be incorporated into many different hairstyles. The black head band from Equip{called Textured Floral Alice Headband} can be paired with a classic up-do as a replacement for a fascinator and may be a perfect headpiece to pair with an evening dress - a headband like this is also great to distract from unwashed/styled hair, grab this for $14.99
Do you have a type of costume jewellery you commonly go for? Mine is definitely statement necklaces that are either embellished, involve strands of metal or chains, have some edge to them and are definitely eye-catching! I like my accessories to stand out from the crowd. For tips on how to protect and maintain any embellished pieces you may have or buy, read this post we wrote last year: Protect the Sparkle
Sarah - Kooklah - Living Doll Xo
As always you can find For the Style Seeking Girl on Facebook and Instagram

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wedding Invites, Favour boxes and Gift Cards.. Oh My!

The one thing I love more than getting letters in the mail are receiving invitations.... to weddings, baby showers or birthdays. There is something about opening the beautiful envelope and seeing the bright, fancy, decorated invitation - maybe you can remember when the couple got together, or are so happy for your friend or family member.

These occasions form some of the happiest moments of people's lives, and I think it is a really special thing to be asked to take part in that.

So when I had the chance to receive some stationary from UK stationary company Paper Themes I jumped at it. I wasn't disappointed. A week ago, I received a package full of mock invitations {in a variety of styles}, favour boxes and gift cards. It made me excited! I fell in love with some of them, and would definitely recommend the products to someone who is getting married or planning an event and has not yet chosen invites. {they also sell accessories, custom made posters, other invites}

What I loved about the invites most of all, is that I was sent a varied selection and could see that there would easily be a theme to suit every couple. I was sent over ten invites, and there are many more to see on the site {head to the personalised wedding invitations page for more}. Just a few themes include traditional, pocket-fold, vintage, unusual and laser cut.
Reading on I found that you can completely design the invites {colour, theme AND wording}, will be sent a PDF copy to make sure you are happy with your creation and then sent the invites in a special box... oh and you also receive complimentary envelopes {bargain!}...


Some of the beautiful, different selections available. Brightly coloured; from mock concert posters, records, deck of card theme, ones tied with ribbons in envelopes and telegrams.
These invitations are fantastic quality and there are types for all budgets, including single card invites and ones that include guest information and rsvp cards (which are a postcard to send back and not need to pay for an envelope to send back your response).
For the Style Seeking Girl's Favourites! I really love the record themed invites - I love music so much, and think this would be so cute for couples who formed a relationship around music or share a common love for it. Great keepsake too. The other invites I loved are the world atlas themed ones and a vintage, floral looking invite with a rsvp card attached all perfectly put together in a pocket envelope. What I love most about these invites is that they are not too over the top and not overly girly. They say wedding, fun and are something a little different.
Gift/Lottery Cards
These cards can be used to either give a gift to the lucky couple or can be used by the newly weds to give a small token of thanks/fun to their guest -
all depends on what theme you pick, words you choose and what you put in it.
I actually think (with text change) that these cards would make the cutest thankyou cards! Slip a small photo of the bride and groom and a personal not of thanks for the gift that was given inside.
Simple, effective and definitely cute!
Favour Boxes
Small boxes scattered on each table or placed in the middle of each place setting - place chocolate, crystals, small gifts to thank your friends and family who are sharing in your special day. Or have the bridal party hand out the boxes at the end with a small, perfect slice of cake inside....
Which Favour Box will you choose?
These boxes can be delivered flat and are so easy to put together {get your bridesmaids together the day before and construct them together, once you get started you will have them done in no time!}
I love that you get the vast majority of creative control when personalising your invites, favours and cards. I think this makes the products from Paper Themes even more special. They have samples that are available and really aim to make sure that you are happy with your design before you buy. Go visit the website, or check out their Facebook page.
Sarah/Kooklah Xo

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Introducing: Exquisite Jewels for Hire ...

'genuine vintage, high fashion, genuine diamond and designer jewellery'

I love to find something new.. a product or trend, a new store or company, and when I do - I want to SHARE it with everyone! So this post has really been a long time in the making. I remember I first came across Exquisite Jewels for Hire on Facebook after I saw the page come up in my news feed. As internet browsing often does, I ended up spending over half an hour on the page. I was hooked. I read all about the collection Helena has, and why she started hiring out and selling pieces from the collection, read more on the About page.

By Helena's own admission, she has collected a varied and large personal collection of jewels which are vintage {or vintage-inspired} and costume jewellery from many designers, it is from these designers that YOU can hire and possibly buy. Some designers are Charles Winston, Musi, Chanel, Givenchy and Gucci....

Makes me want to hyperventilate! I am looking forward to hiring some jewels - but first to work out an occasion. Although, when is not a good time to be wearing something so luxurious?

Exquisite Jewels for Hire was started with a focus on sharing a passion of a love of beautiful jewellery through the hiring out of high end accessories, from within the personal collection. Helena told me that from when she was young she was collecting and instead of letting the amazingly beautiful pieces sit in a box, she would make them available to others to enjoy.

In this fabulous collection there is over 20, 000 pieces. I cannot wait to visit the showroom and have a look through these pieces - and report back to you all... I asked if there was a favourite piece, but of course as you can imagine from what amount there would be many favourites. The collection will grow too! Helena is always looking for pieces to add to her showroom.

Not only are accessories available, but also Bejewelled Bouquets.

Not only can you hire out from the showroom {please look to the Facebook page for contact details} but Helena also offers her services for personal consultations where the aim is to provide the best accessory to provide the desired look for the outfit or event. Many a bride has sought from this collection. Not to mention Miss Universe finalists. Exquisite Jewels for Hire have contributed to some big events including Sydney Bridal Expo, Maitland Relay for Life Ball, The Ronald McDonald House Newcastle Ball and for Rhonda Hemmingway {Bridal Couture} attending Mike Munro's {60 Minutes} 60th Birthday.

When I asked Helena what was the proudest moment {or one of} for her with her business I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was when her clients were happy and loved the finished look. I love people who enjoy helping and making people happy.

As if you needed anymore encouragement, look at these glorious headpieces!

Enjoy looking through the pictures, and make sure to contact Helena if you would like a consultation or want to visit the showroom - I certainly will be + follow up with a post about my experience! Sarah/Kooklah xo

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Songs to Increase Happiness

my own little mood elevator - songs that never fail to make me smile or tap my feet!

"Sometimes things find you when you need them to find you, I believe that... and for me it is usually song lyrics"           Peyton Sawyer {One Tree Hill}

She is the angst filled, memory ridden, and, by her own admission, 'just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a b*tch...' music was her thing and it has long been mine. When I heard this line in a voiceover I really connected with it. Music has always resonated with me. From my upbringing - where my parents forever had music on {'children's' songs or shows were put on in limited lots}, usually records and blared anything & everything from Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Pretenders, Blondie, ACDC, Bruce Springsteen, ABBA, The Doors, Creedance Clearwater, Elvis, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel & Jimmy Barnes and so on.. my own tastes have stemmed from here and I quickly gathered as much music as I could, I have often been friends with musicians and still have a deep love for alternative/indie rock.. My biggest memory from my childhood is actually that music was ALWAYS playing, and I still listen to music everyday.

Music can change how I feel in an instant or be a great comforter in hard times. I do believe that you should have a select few songs that you can turn to, that will instantly lift your mood, make you smile and make you want to dance. It is find {good even} if there are memories attached, but if you make a playlist of them they should be songs that you can listen to and not have to skip when memories become too much. They need to make you want to dance, celebrate and have a good time. They don't necessarily have to be really up tempo, but make you happy!

I have chosen my top six songs that always do this for me, written about some associated memories or why I love them, including my favourite lyrics. These are the six songs that I have been playing in recent months when I have felt down or lonely, and they've kicked the spark back into my day.

Neopolitan Dreams - Lisa Mitchell
I absolutely love this song, it has this funny, quirky beat and is so much fun to listen to. The beat reminds me of love and the funny way your heart skips along when you see that person. The lyrics are fun and I always find myself dancing {atleast feet tapping} when I hear it.
Favourite lyric: "I turn my head up to the sky, I focus one thought at a time. I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeve" For me this reinforces a positive attitude and not to let anyone steal your happiness.

March into the Ocean - British India
This song is best played really loud! This Aussie band are sensational live and have an energy that comes across in the recordings also. I love playing this in my car on my way to and from work, keeps me focused and puts me in a great mood. Indie rock at its best!
Favourite lyric: "I've seen it all before, and I know it's all the same, I see you walk towards me then I watch you walk away. Let them march into the ocean, let them peel off one by one, am I alone in this explosion? Is it just the same for everyone?"

Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
Such a brilliant 90s song, love a bit of pop when it is like this! It is also on the soundtrack for one of my favourite movies 'A lot Like Love' and is so uplifting and fun. It reminds me of when I was younger and I would dance to this in my room.
Favourite lyric: "I believe in the sand beneath my toes the beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling. I believe in the faith that grows and the four right chords could make me cry, when I'm with you I feel like I could die and that would be all right"

Virtiol or Broken Leg - Bluejuice
Bluejuice are amazing live - you just dance the entire time. I love how amazing the beat in these songs are and how quickly they can uplift your mood. They remind me of festivals, summers away and late nights talking to good friends over drinks, games, cards and dancing.
Favourite lyric: Virtiol "and if you can't shape up, nobody wants you, f**k the whole world and what everybody's sayin' hey. Good luck and don't dare give up" {inspires me to keep moving and keep trying despite the bad times}

Wannabe - Spice Girls
I love, love, loved the Spice Girls as a girl and still am slightly obsessed with Victoria Beckham. This is the song that will get me up on a dance floor each and every time. One year when everyone turned 21, a bunch of us girls played it at every 21st - by the end we had an almost choreographed dance to it. Makes me feel young and carefree again.
Favourite lyric: "If you want my future, forget my past, if you want to get with me - better make it fast. Now don't go wasting my precious time, get your act together we could be just fine"

Song 2 - Blur
This is a 'nothing song' - not particularly about anything but is the fastest heart thumping song I know. I instantly start dancing or moving around... lasts two mins max but is fantastic! Wooohooo..
Favourite lyric: Don't have one just love the beat and getting to belt out "Wooohooo!"

I had to cap the list somewhere, so these are my six uplifiting songs. I would love to know what yours are, send me a comment or find me on instagram @saregiak ...

Sarah/Kooklah Xo


I LOVE Australis...

I own a plethora of makeup - it's true - you should see my makeup drawer it is STUFFED full of makeup! I love makeup and beauty treatments because they help you feel amazing, beautiful and they are so much fun to experiment and play with. I have tried many different brands, and will often try new products that come on the market.

There are a few brands that I use often but one brand that I LOVE, it is my absolute favourite - Australis Cosmetics. There are many reasons that I love this brand, particularly they are such an honest brand, they are completely Australian and make high end, high finish, beautiful products. The product description is always exact to what the product actually does and the look it achieves. They are also ethically conscious and do not test on animals.

Australis are affordable and a great deal. It is rare that a product is over $20. They also offer a discount program for students {a MASSIVE discount at 25% off}, if you are a student make sure you head to Australis' UNIDAYS for more. There are often also amazing sales at Priceline keep an eye out for those too!

They are across all social mediums including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Unlike some brands they actually respond to comments posted by followers, which makes them so much more accessible and a brand consumers can bond and relate to.

Some of my favourite products include - the Curve Ink Eyeliner which provides amazing lines and is so easy to handle with its ergonomically shaped handle {For the Style Seeking Girl wrote a review on this product in 5 Favourite Beauty Products}

The Voluptulash Mascara for intensely curled and high volume lashes

My favourite blusher also comes from Australis - it is called Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush which is a blended blush compact with different tones (not sectioned), the ones I use is called 'Screen Siren'.

In a post that will go live this weekend, I will review some products sent to me by the Australis Cosmetics team to trial.
Do you love this brand? If so, what do you love about it or it's products?

Here are some looks I created using Australis products

Find For the Style Seeking Girl on Facebook || Pinterest || Instagram

Sarah/Kooklah Xo


Monday, July 22, 2013

Hint of Glamour #5

Just think, you get last minute plans together on a Friday or Saturday night, you begin getting ready. Shower. Makeup Regime... and time is running out.. You still have to do your hair and finalise that outfit. Enter a great time saver - the high ponytail. Worn various ways, sleek, curled, tousled, the high pony can be as minimal or fancy as you like {or can be bothered to do} making it a great addition to casual, dressy or formal looks.

While there are many hairstyles that can be done easily and quickly I feel a good high ponytail can add class, elegance and sophistication. I myself am a fan of this style, particularly with curled hair and a high front section for some edge. For this Hint of Glamour post I have picked some different examples with tips and tricks on how to pull this hairstyle off without appearing like you are heading to the school playground.

Simple & Sleek...

 I love the sleek look of this pony, great look with the fringe - easy to take from work to drinks.
 Simple and fantastically sleek with a wonderful wave (easily achieved with a quick twirl of a curling wand if you do not have natural waves). Wrap some hair around the hair-tie for instant glamour.
This look means business! Streamlined front, hair tied on top of BeyoncĂ©'s head with amazing volume (if your hair isn't thick a volume increasing spray and a tease brush can achieve the same result - can smooth down a little with a straightener). What I love about this ponytail is that a big section of hair has been used to wrap around the start of the ponytail making it look a bit fancier!

Curly & Sassy
 This is a perfect hairstyle for some flirty fun! Screams to me like dinner and drinks with the girls, followed by dancing of course! Simple tie your hair high, run your fingers through the front for some texture and let the curls take over. Looks great with a dress or with a ponte pant and blazer outfit.
 This is a little low set but I love the gradual curl in Lauren's hair - perfect for a look that is elegant and fresh. Good when paired with a fancy dress for events or use to glam up a casual look!
I love this style of ponytail because it has great volume and height. Definitely use a tease brush to achieve this height and create a ponytail through the use of pinning different sections. Perfect for formals, balls or weddings.

Calm and Casual

These are perfect for relaxed looks, either day or night. Add salt spray to your hair for beach waves and texture like Kate's hair. I love Jen's look, partly structured with a free moving front section.

Heighten the High Pony
We know there was some height in some of the styles above, but these ones have serious height!
 This is a perfectly structured and large ponytail - lots of volume and curls at the back with a perfect quiff at the front. A great style to add both edge and glamour to your look.
 A fabulous sleek ponytail with wrapped hair and a fantastic curled and pinned front section. Perfect for a rock chick look, rough up the ponytail to enhance this further!
Kim Kardashian may well be the Queen of wearing a ponytail to an event. I love this fancy look. Perfect for long hair as it shows the length off well but adds height and fun in the front. Add a fancy dress and simple accessories like Kim and you are set for a great night!
Play with Texture
 This hairstyle combines many different aspects and textures. The free flowing fringe with a heightened front section, wrapped hair and a curled low pony. Once you have curled your hair, run your fingers through to break up the curls and form some unstructured bounce.
Have total hair envy here! This floaty and free-spirited pony has been wrapped with hair that is plaited and twisted. Something very different that adds instant girly glam!

 Play with the form of a ponytail - add a loose plait or braid {in love with Blake's fishtail!}, a smooth front will highlight this type of pony - don't worry about any loose bits coming out of the braid. The second style is completed by placing hair ties in sections throughout the length of the ponytail - once you have done this, use your fingers to lightly tease the hair in between the ties for volume.
Portia's front section has been crimped but I would prefer to do small sections within the ponytail... add some 90s fun to the look!

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