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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hint of Glamour #5

Just think, you get last minute plans together on a Friday or Saturday night, you begin getting ready. Shower. Makeup Regime... and time is running out.. You still have to do your hair and finalise that outfit. Enter a great time saver - the high ponytail. Worn various ways, sleek, curled, tousled, the high pony can be as minimal or fancy as you like {or can be bothered to do} making it a great addition to casual, dressy or formal looks.

While there are many hairstyles that can be done easily and quickly I feel a good high ponytail can add class, elegance and sophistication. I myself am a fan of this style, particularly with curled hair and a high front section for some edge. For this Hint of Glamour post I have picked some different examples with tips and tricks on how to pull this hairstyle off without appearing like you are heading to the school playground.

Simple & Sleek...

 I love the sleek look of this pony, great look with the fringe - easy to take from work to drinks.
 Simple and fantastically sleek with a wonderful wave (easily achieved with a quick twirl of a curling wand if you do not have natural waves). Wrap some hair around the hair-tie for instant glamour.
This look means business! Streamlined front, hair tied on top of BeyoncĂ©'s head with amazing volume (if your hair isn't thick a volume increasing spray and a tease brush can achieve the same result - can smooth down a little with a straightener). What I love about this ponytail is that a big section of hair has been used to wrap around the start of the ponytail making it look a bit fancier!

Curly & Sassy
 This is a perfect hairstyle for some flirty fun! Screams to me like dinner and drinks with the girls, followed by dancing of course! Simple tie your hair high, run your fingers through the front for some texture and let the curls take over. Looks great with a dress or with a ponte pant and blazer outfit.
 This is a little low set but I love the gradual curl in Lauren's hair - perfect for a look that is elegant and fresh. Good when paired with a fancy dress for events or use to glam up a casual look!
I love this style of ponytail because it has great volume and height. Definitely use a tease brush to achieve this height and create a ponytail through the use of pinning different sections. Perfect for formals, balls or weddings.

Calm and Casual

These are perfect for relaxed looks, either day or night. Add salt spray to your hair for beach waves and texture like Kate's hair. I love Jen's look, partly structured with a free moving front section.

Heighten the High Pony
We know there was some height in some of the styles above, but these ones have serious height!
 This is a perfectly structured and large ponytail - lots of volume and curls at the back with a perfect quiff at the front. A great style to add both edge and glamour to your look.
 A fabulous sleek ponytail with wrapped hair and a fantastic curled and pinned front section. Perfect for a rock chick look, rough up the ponytail to enhance this further!
Kim Kardashian may well be the Queen of wearing a ponytail to an event. I love this fancy look. Perfect for long hair as it shows the length off well but adds height and fun in the front. Add a fancy dress and simple accessories like Kim and you are set for a great night!
Play with Texture
 This hairstyle combines many different aspects and textures. The free flowing fringe with a heightened front section, wrapped hair and a curled low pony. Once you have curled your hair, run your fingers through to break up the curls and form some unstructured bounce.
Have total hair envy here! This floaty and free-spirited pony has been wrapped with hair that is plaited and twisted. Something very different that adds instant girly glam!

 Play with the form of a ponytail - add a loose plait or braid {in love with Blake's fishtail!}, a smooth front will highlight this type of pony - don't worry about any loose bits coming out of the braid. The second style is completed by placing hair ties in sections throughout the length of the ponytail - once you have done this, use your fingers to lightly tease the hair in between the ties for volume.
Portia's front section has been crimped but I would prefer to do small sections within the ponytail... add some 90s fun to the look!

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Do look at our other Hint of Glamour posts, which so far include Kate Ritchie wearing an amazing navy sequinned ball gown, Lauren Conrad showcasing the combination of long sleeved shift dresses with low ponytails, the amazing fun trend of arm candy and an inspired outfit post of dresses {red} with belts.

Do you have a favourite Hint of Glamour post? Which one?
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Sarah/Kooklah Xo

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