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Monday, December 24, 2012

Inspire Me Monday

Here is what is inspiring the start to my week! Sometimes you just need a little inspiration...

Inspire my Christmas!
I am working all across this Christmas, so I invested in a themed
scrub shirt to boost those of the patients... Check out Hunter Scrubs
What I would love to have on my feet!
Amazing embellished flats From Marc by Marc Jacobs
Arabian Safari Inspiration...
Excited to go to Dubai next year, seeking inspiration from Sex & the City -2
Specifically flowing dresses and amazing harem pants (love Samantha's goldones below!)...


Summer makes things Brighter...
Love having more daylight hours, warm/musky evenings
What I am watching...
I am making good use of my box set and re-watching Friends
It is such a funny, endearing show, with characters to fall in love with
(Chandler Bing I am looking at you!)
What are you using as inspiration this week? More posts up soon!
Kooklah Xx

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Three Quick Tips for Staying Sun Safe this Summer

There is nothing better for me then the feeling that summer has hit... a smell reaches the air, a smell of salt and coconut, everything seems a little bit brighter. I am definitely a summer person. I love the clothes of winter (hats, scarves, gloves, coats) but in summer you don't need coats or cardigans when you go out, spending a few days on the coast with sun kissed skin, sand on your feet and late nights out with friends....

Ahhhh summer is here! Below are three quick tips to stay sun safe AND sun smart this summer.. to ensure you will be able to look stylish all summer long!

1. Protect yourself from the sun - easily achieved with sunscreen, hat, clothing and sunglasses. Using sunscreen is essential to protect yourself from sun damage or sunburn, the higher SPF (sun protection factor) the better. Using multiple products with differing SPF can be useful in regards to ensuring some coverage over areas you may have missed -but take note that they don't combine to create an increased level of coverage (such as SPF 20 in foundation and 30 in sunscreen does not result in 50 SPF) certain products last longer and can increase the TIME that your skin is protected for (to apply another coat of protection). For more common myths on sun protection click here.

If you know you will be in the sun for long periods use a high SPF product (for example outdoor concerts/festivals, beach, outdoor sports), if you are running errands make sure you still have a decent coverage - atleast use makeup or moisturiser with a sun protection element in them. A high percentage of skin cancers occur on the hands, this is because people are always using their hands and often forget to protect them for example - when driving your hands are on the steering wheel and in the sun, even ten minutes can result in sun damage that can cause skin cancer. Do not forget your hands, feet, face/neck/ears/decollatage or your lips! For more information on skin cancer, including statistics and facts check out the information on the Cancer Council-Skin Cancer page.

Atleast once a year I go to Adnama Beauty and have a deluxe facial (for their treatment list click here) which is customised to each individual's skin needs. They use a Wood's lamp that shows all the sun damage or other blemishes that are under the surface. My skin has always had a minimal amount of damage.. I thank my daily cleansing/mositurising regime for this -taught to me by my Mum who has amazing skin. I use Olay for my basic face moisturiser (Complete UV Defence SPF15) morning and night.
Wear a hat to protect your face and also invest in sunglasses with some protective element. They aren't expensive - most sunglasses hold this (the info is on the tags).  I believe sunglasses are doing a lot of good as the skin around my eyes has always had a good report, the bigger the better as they cover a greater area. Wear clothes that cover your body in times of high temperatures to reduce the amount of skin exposed to the sun and don't forget to stay out of the sun during the middle of the day (usually the hottest temp of the sun). There are clothes with sun protectant fabric with an SPF rating available if you burn easily.

2. Keep Hydrated- higher temperatures increase the risk of dehydration (symptoms include headaches, low blood pressure, dizziness) to reduce or avoid dehydration increase your normal oral fluid intake. Drinking a good amount of water will not only keep you hydrated but improve skin condition. Limit consumption of alcohol or substances with caffeine as they will only dehydrate you. I consider these to be 'negative units'. Hydration is another essential element to protecting your skin.

3. Moisturise- Protect your skin before and after sun exposure. You should be moisturising your skin everyday anyway but during summer try to moistutise a couple of times a day. This not only keeps skin supple and smooth but can reduce the severity of sunburn/damage and decrease the likelihood of the same. If you do end up with a sunburn, make sure you have a shower (people say hot water takes the sting away but it actually increases the burn - the sting occurs because you have exposed the nerve endings in your skin to the elements of your surrounding area. Cool/lukewarm running water is best for burns - about 20mins at a time).
Once a sunburn occurs, moisturise using a thick moisturiser or body butter. Don't completley rub the product in, add extra and allow the product to soak into your skin. Apply often to reduce the appearance of the burn and relieve skin tightness or discomfort. There are some great after sun products available to use as well. Products with vitamin A/E, aloe, green tea, coconut or almond oil work really well (use products with water/plant oils are best as mineral oils reduce the absorption of nutrients needed for skin rejuvenation/rehydration).

Follow these tips to keep your skin smooth, supple and undamaged!

Kooklah Xx

Friday, December 14, 2012

Style ME Inspired

Five shots that have captured my eye or are inspiring my sense of style this week!

This is nothing new! I love glitter & sparkle*
Most of my makeup has illuminiser or glitter involved.
It picks me up and makes me feel wonderful- makeup, accessories or clothes
A manicure with a twist! Glitter tips...
I completed this above look myself as a trial for my best friends wedding..
for the day I not only had done my own but another bridesmaid and the BRIDE as well
(felt a touch of pressure to have that perfect). The result was amazing, it just added another detail and complemented our dresses and accessories so well. Plus looked amazing with the flowers. We recieved so many compliments!
(Watch this blog for a tutorial on these soon!)
Loving maxi dresses again this summer! This is a trend that I think is fast becoming a staple.
This is a wishlist dress... created by Dorothy Perkins

Love a good ballet flat! This is Bequeen by I Love Billy.
 Find them locally in the Hunter Valley at Morpeth Emporium, for their facebook page click here.

Loving curls and waves.... especially really tight curl at the end of the hair
with some texture throughout the body of the hair


What is inspiring your look this week? I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with more blogging posts to come! Would love to here from you so leave me a comment, send me an email (, follow me on Pinterest (click this link for my account --> Kooklah/FortheStyleSeekingGirl on Pinterest), follow me on instagram @saregiak or twitter (@SarahGiak or @styleseekgirl)...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspire Me Woman...

          "I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore... I've been down there on the floor and no one's ever gonna keep me down again. If I have to I can do anything... I am strong, I am invincible... I am woman..."

Over the next few months or so, I am going to publish posts on local women who I know, who I find inspiring and am glad that they have been or currently are in my life. These women are all different, they have different personalities, different outlooks and different careers... but one of the things they do have in common is that they all shine brightly.

They are passionate, creative, greatly opinionated, kind, compassionate, supportive, motivating... these women work hard, have goals and dreams which I love to see them strive for and complete.

The next post will be about me, answering the very questions I have put to these women. I was undecided whether I would write a post answering the questions, but then I thought it would be a good way to reach out to my readers and to share something about me. So I hope you enjoy this series of posts, they will be staggered out over the next couple of months. If you have any questions for the women once you have read the posts, feel free to write it in a comment and I will get it answered for you. It is important for me to allow other women or girls to see that strength is important, that a lust for life is important... that you are capable of anything you put your mind and heart's desire to.

Kooklah Xx

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Help a Sister Out!

Something which really annoys me is when you have been talking to someone or hanging out, you go to the bathroom or go home and look in the mirror and see food in your teeth, not blended makeup or some other fashion mess.

Many people seem to be in the frame of mind that telling someone about these things, is making fun of them or embarrasing them. I don't see it that way at all. It may cause some embarrasment but it is better then the feeling of getting home and counting back all the people you saw and interacted with that day.

Do your friend, colleague or random stranger the kind courtesy of telling them and giving them a moment to fix whatever has happened. Just do it subtley. Walk up, whisper in their ear and no one else has to know, they may not have even seen the mishap yet! A sneaky text to someone who always has their phone on them also works well!

So come on girls, stick together! Help a sister out!

Kooklah Xx

The Go-To for Needs-to-be-washed Hair

Do you ever have days where washing your hair feels like the biggest burden? Like the last thing that you actually want to do?

I do. Fairly often. Especially when I am working. I work a job that has long shifts (12hours) with busy days and the absolute last thing I feel like doing when I get home is washing and then drying my hair. Having asked some girls at work about this, the discussions started, not only did I find that I wasn't alone in not wanting to have to wash my hair on a run of shifts.

I found that the vast majority disliked the 'activity' of washing their hair altogether. Don't get me wrong, we don't like to have dirty hair but it was the effort involved. We also don't believe that you have to wash your hair every second day to have good hair. I wondered, has hair washing joined the club of bikini or jeans shopping? To be avoided until absolutley necessary?

I started watching each girl I had talked to, and what hairstyles they used. I noticed a pattern that was very close to what I do myself.

As the week went on the hairstyles went from chic well put together styles that attract attention - straight or curled styled hair (ponytails, structured 'dos)

to the use of big buns, woven styles and headbands (preferably embellished). Ala Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad, Blair Waldorf...


I noticed that as we approached the end of the week of shifts a bun with height or texture was highly favoured. I have worn a half looped ponytail for the last two nightshifts (have taken it down and combed in between), which is bobbypinned in place. I find the bobbypins helped create the structure I wanted but also helped to stop the hair falling out or becoming too noticeable that it was messy/not washed. 


Do you have a go-to style to get extra mileage out of your hair? Wide, coloured or embellished headbands are always a bonus - one of my colleagues notices that I change my headbands each time, never wearing the same one twice in a row, but he has never noticed the needs-to-be-washed hair.

For other ideas on this topic head to a past post called 'For those Bad Hair Days'.

Kooklah Xx

*Disclaimer: I do not recommend avoiding washing if you use alot of product, this will only cause build up and make you look like you have dandruff!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hair Tip Review...

When I am spending my time looking into different hair styles or hair tips I have kept coming across this tip that promises hair curl using hair in plaits and a straightner. 'Perfect for summer and the beach' is the comment following this tip. I had some time tonight and thought I would try it.

What you need:

* Hair ties - one per plait (I used five as my hair is quite thick and long)
* Some curling spray or hairspray (especially if your hair does not curl easily, for those with curly hair a curling spray will help to reduce frizz)
* Hair straightner

Your hair can be newly washed or dirty, it won't really matter, but as with most hair styling, the less clean the hair, the longer the curl will hold.

How to do it:

* Comb your hair - finger comb for a less structured look, I used an actual comb for mine.
* Plait your hair- how many is up to you, take into consideration how thick or long your hair is. I chose five sections to break up the back section of my hair which is quite thick and to account for layers. Two or three would also work easily.
* Turn on your straightner, allow to heat and run the plait through the straightner tongs, I ran each plait through two-three times and then moved onto the next.
* You can do this from damp to dry, if this is the case once you have 'straightened' each plait go back and repeat the process one-three times.
* Take the hairbands off and unravel the plaits. Add a touch of spray if you need it and go!


* I was surprised, it definitely created a 'wave' to my hair. But it didn't so much curl, see the picture below but the result looked like I had curled my hair and then combed or brushed them apart OR I had used a crimper (does anyone remember those?)
* I wouldn't wear my whole hair like this, but it is a fun idea and something I will definitley use to incoporate through sections of my hair, for example small sections in a ponytail, under sections/layers of hair mixed with big curls or straight hair, or just at the ends.
* Very quick and easy, takes five- ten minutes tops!
* GREAT for dirty hair or to enhance a messy / bedhair style of do

Here is the result:
Have a go and see if it works for you! Post a icture or comment if you do, and also if you have another tip that you would like me to review.
Kooklah Xx

A chat with my readers..

Hello to anyone reading this post - regulars, readers who occasionally skim this blog and anyone who has just stumbled across it. I love writing and creating my blog posts.

The reason for this post? An apology, I have been out of action lately. I went on a wonderful and intense holiday throughout four major cities in North America (Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Las Vegas and New York City) with Contiki on the Best of Usa tour.
Following this due to some personal events that took place I needed some time out. To regather my thoughts and take some time out for myself. I am still working on that but tonight was the first night I have thought, 'hey, let's write a post'. So here we are. Basically sorry for the abrupt hiatus, but THANKYOU to everyone who kept reading, was very pleased to see the stats when I logged back in.

You guys are amazing! So here is what is coming, what you can expect in the weeks to come from For The Style Seeking Girl :

* Hairstyle review posts
* More Inspire Me Monday and Hint of Glamour posts
* A guest post from me (Kooklah) for another blogger
* A series of posts on women whom I know, and find strong, motivated, creative and stylish in their own way - especially in their respective careers or job positions.
* Some posts inspired and about my trip to the beautiful USA

So please be patient, so many good things on the way!

To finish, I will leave you with a style quote. To 'like' this blog on facebook click here

Your style is influenced by the person you are, what you believe, think or feel. Embrace that and enjoy it. Let your sparkle out... Kooklah Xx

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspire Me Monday...

Inspire me Monday, because sometimes things can be a little bit too blue...

Love tousled curls and this week I am favouring the curls piled into a high ponytail.
I think the high ponytail works best, it adds some sophistication to the look.
Wear it streamlined (perfect for a wedding) or messy (perfect for a casual weekend)!

Anna Kournikova

I've completed my first overseas trip, to four cities in the USA.
I was born with the travel bug, and it is just getting worse. I am very keen to travel.
I am very keen to have a map in my house one day that signifies everywhere I have been.
Next overseas trip? England, France... and mayyybe Ireland/Scotland!

I love the studs&spikes trend, for a long while I have lusted after a pair.
My pinterest account will back me up! I found a pair I loved in Las Vegas.
'Touchdown' by Chinese Laundry... A friend of mine saw a picture of them on facebook and stated they make him feel like he is in trouble

Possibly my favourite quote.
Reminds me, when things are feeling their worst, it will be ok.
Life has a way of sorting things out. I just have to remember to believe that.
And to breathe.

You start and end with family.
The show Modern Family is a hilarious take on family in the current day.
I love to watch this with my family as we can all relate to it, especially different characters.
I love my family, no matter the disagreements, conflicts, challenges that life has thrown us. My immediate unit of five is strong, supportive and capable of anything that comes our way.
We will make it through, together. No matter what.

What is inspiring the start to your week? Or what are you looking forward to?
Kooklah Xx

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fashion Speaks For You- Anya Sarre

Hi readers! Sorry for the couple of weeks of silence, I was off enjoying a trip around the USA... I'd love to say it was all in the name of research but it was definitely a chance for me to unwind and have some fun. In saying that I wrote a lot of information down and observed a lot, which I will be turning into blog posts, some of which will be published this week.

Until then, I have something really great for you to read (and a fantastic opportunity for this blog/blogger). I was contacted by Anya Sarre, a celebrity stylist, who offered to write a guest post to be featured on For the Style Seeking Girl which is included below.

Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, STYLE network and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. Sarre is also a stylist with ShoeDazzle where she works with other celebrity stylists including Kim Kardashian.

Fashion Speaks For You - Anya Sarre

Looking great entails that you are feeling great both on the inside and outside. The best fashion secret is that when you feel relaxed and enthusiastic! Emanate self-confidence.

The truth is that sometimes even superstars desire a self-confidence boost, and looking fashionable is the way to do it. Fashion allows you to display your personality and style through the clothes and accessories you wear. Whether you spend a couple of hours or just ten minutes preparing, it is always best when you don't look like you are trying too hard.

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite looks for the fall season is the beloved maxi skirt. There are plenty of designs, textures and styles on the market. However, the maxi skirt is indeed a global style that works on all physiques, and it can be styled as part of your outfit within a few minutes. An outrageous misunderstanding is that you have to be tall to pull off the maxi skirt. This cannot be further from the truth - if you are a small person, you can put on your maxi dress with fall heel boots or wedge boots. If you want to go for the vintage look, you can use flats or even stylish slippers for comfort on your feet.

A good pleated maxi dress with a thin cardigan to toss on the denim top is what you are going to need for this season. When choosing your skirt, you should pick an item based on its compatibility with the rest of your wardrobe. Be sure to look for a maxi skirt in a vivid flower print and wear it with a slim and solid large knit sweater for the ideal look.

In addition, you should not be terrified of accessories and shoes! Putting on accessories is vital to a fashionable look that is complete. You can choose either a statement necklace around your neck or perhaps large earrings or hoops to highlight your look. Dare to try a new color or pattern this fall season and stand out while looking fashionista fabulous!

A patterned scarf is great to
pair with this look to add a pop of
colour and some extra warmth!
If you are still confused what to wear this fall, it is simple: look for a maxi skirt, boots and fashion accessories and get thrilled for your brand new look! With these items, you are going to turn heads wherever you go.

This look is also wonderful to take travelling, using knits, blouses and singlet tops combined with accessories and shoes ensures that this look can go from casual to dressy, or day to night.

For my Australian readers, as we move from Winter to Spring this look will be fantastic for those sunny days that still carry some chill. Add some floral accessories (follow Anya's advice with necklaces, earrings or a scarf) to get into the spirit of warming weather.

I just want to say thankyou to Anya for your contribution to For the Style Seeking Girl. My style lovers, please let us know what you think of this article and if this is a style that you wear or will try.

Happy Styling! Kooklah

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gradient Ombre Nails-Part One...

Hello style lovers. Yes, another mention of Ombre, are you sensing a trend too? I think it is pretty captivating looking at colours gradually turn from one to the other. The trend has taken a huge surge forward and can not only be used on your hair but also with clothing, shoes, makeup and nail art.

With nails I find this style a step inspired by the use of one colour for the base of nails and another colour for the tips. It isn't so harsh and should definitely have a blurred transition line!

For the last couple of months I have had a picture of a gradient nail design as the background for my phone... I have been calling it 'sunset nail', here it is...

For a very clear and easy to follow tutorial (with pictures step by step) from Nailasaurus please click here.

The Basics - why:
  • You don't have to be an expert - but the more practice the better (and the steadier your hands will be)!
  • This look will not cost you alot of money
  • It is a very individual style - meaning you can use soft, complimentary colours but also use bold, contrasting combinations. Which makes it easily adaptable to your life, for example, use soft pinks/nudes for professions or workplaces that don't condone vibrant makeup or fashion
  • You will get your nails noticed, receive compliments and get asked questions as to how you achieved the look.
For Gradient nails created with sponge applicator

The Basics - to use:
  • Nail polish remover
  • Two to three nail polishes in colours appropriate to the gradient style you are trying to achieve. Can compliment, contrast or completley clash.
  • Top coat for good finish (consider using a layer as base coat - provides a smooth surface for application of polish)
  • Sponge pieces - there are many different types, and all work to some degree. Most common types found when looking into this effect are - foam sponge (such as used when washing a car), ones used in the kitchen/bathroom for cleaning, eyeshadow applicators, foundation sponges
  • Cotton tips/brushes for cleaning cuticles and/or nails
The basics - technique:
  • Clean your nails with nail polish remover
  • Apply base coat of clear polish                  *optional tip*
  • Depending on the technique you are following either:
    • paint your nail the 'base colour' - the main colour/the colour that forms the basis of the ombre effect
    • paint your nail with a white polish (opaque or block), then dab/paint the colours you want onto the sponge and apply to nail
    • apply sponge with paint directly onto nail (no base or white colour)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of top coat - may need to be heavily applied to provide an even, smooth finish
  • Allow to dry very well

Nail Gradient from 'A Polish Addict'
- Becky used the tutorial from Nailasaurus
The Nailasaurus gradient manicure

The basics- tips:
  • Try out the sponge options if you are considering more then one.
  • If you settle with a dense sponge, such as a foundation sponge, dip quickly in water, squeeze excess water out and allow to semi dry - this prevents the nail polish from been soaked into the sponge.
  • When applying the sponge, it doesn't need to be perfectly aligned, you can dab and/or move the sponge back and forth - helps to blend the colours well (meaning NO transition line)
  • The white nail polish creates a 'glow' type effect, making nails seem brighter.
  • You can paint the polish in lines onto the sponge, as per Lainie Fingers or use Nailasaurus' swirl technique and then 'stamp' the sponge)
  • Using a brush to dip in nail polish remover and then wipe/clean cuticles and sides of nails can assist in not accidently removing any of the nail polish
  • Some techniques suggest applying chapstick, paw paw ointment, moisturiser or oil to the skin and cuticles surrounding the nail (but NOT the nail).
    • this should mean, once you have finished and the polish has dried on your nails, that you can wash or wipe your hands and the nail polish resting on the skin will come off easily.
  • For a deeper result apply layers - just make sure the last layer is dry first!
  • Don't think you can't do it, give it a try! Some techniques I looked at use off centre, diagonal gradients - which makes it easier to make a mistake look intentional.

        Left & Above: Lainie Fingers
Left & Above: Nailasaurus swirl and sponge technique

For something extra, you can pair this look with additional nail art or stamps, such as this picture featured on Miss Jonie Tumblr...

I will be trying the sponge technique on my days off and will do a follow up post on how it went! Pretty excited to try this! Please let me know if you try it too, and if what you found here helped.. Also any issues please let me know and I will try to find a solution. Part Two will be the gradient effect without using a sponge.

Kooklah Xx

Friday, September 7, 2012

What to pack & what not to pack??

So the big USA trip is 11 days and a few hours away and I have begun to cement my list to pack.
My main focus, of course, is clothes (and, well, let's face it- shoes, accessories), with many trips, you just have to pack for one type of weather with an item or two packed away in case the weather improves or worsens.

My trip... is going to be in varying weather. Here is an overview:

Los Angeles: 18-28 degrees (but heading to fall so probably not high 20s)
San Francisco: 13-23 degrees
Las Vegas: 20-34 degrees
New York City: 9-24 degrees

So in reality I am packing for weather typical of all seasons.. Instead of taking a few jumpers, summer dresses.. I am taking clothes that I can mix and match, layer and turn into winter or summer appropriate outfits in hardly any time at all. For example, going out dresses that can be worn in warm conditions but also paired with a cardigan/jacket and stockings for cooler nights, jeans with flowy tops and light layers instead of bulky items. This includes a fully lined but lightweight trenchcoat that will easily provide cover from cool breezes or warmth over 'winter' type layered outfits..

What is your must have outfit or clothing item for travel?

Kooklah Xx

Stay tuned for a list of what I pack (and then when I return I will post if I used it or not!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Re-Invent Yourself...Hair..

Style lovers! For part one in this 'Re-Invent Yourself' series, click here: Re-Invent Yourself...Style .

In the second part of my re-inventing and pushing myself out of my comfort zone aim, I thought about how moving out of the usual means taking a risk, changing something that is comfortable, something that may define you. Something that has become you.

I looked in the mirror and saw what I should change. My hair. I had really dark chocolate coloured hair, which, apart from the obligatory year eight fascination with hair rinses (chilli red, blueberry, chesnut brown) or dyeing it dark brown/black (semi-permanent washes) to add some sheen to my natural colour, had never been dyed, bleached or foiled. I had of course, had many different hairstyles- I have had layers, a side fringe, really long hair and a short, choppy, punkish concaved bob (which I loved!! See pic at the side...was concaved at the back).

I had been holding onto an idea for my hair, for a change- for a few years, I wanted to add some caramel colour and change my look. So I began searching for pictures and I found one of Jessica Biel that I remember seeing and thinking I'd love to be that brave. Here it is:

I had this picture in my phone for quite awhile, and about a month ago I started feeling like I was stuck in a rut. I knew that redoing my hair would revitalise my look and very possibly my outlook.
It would atleast be uplifting. I started to look for more photos that captured what I was looking for and found inspiration not only from Jessica Biel but also from Kate Beckinsile, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sophia Bush, Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad.


I had seen this style on many celebrities and decided to look into it. Vogue Australia have an easy to understand explanation of Balayage. In summary of their explanation, balayage was first developed in France in the 1970s, the emphasis of the technique is on colouring the hair but so it looks naturally sunkissed with the hair moving gradually from a darker to lighter colour (''Sweeping" as per L.A. Fashion Magazine). The craze known as Ombre is a variation of the Balayage technique, perfect for a look that needs very little maintenance.
My hair was so dark, and untouched, that half of my hair was bleached, then using appropriate tonings and colours my hairdresser Amy (from Class One Hair Studio) washed, and then teased my hair before brushing the colour on my hair. I asked her about the teasing and she stated that the proper technique uses teasing on application to remove or reduce the 'transition line' and assists in the colour looking more gradual and natural.
Some obvious transitions:

For me, this hairstyle is perfect. It looks edgy and alittle bohemian which suits my style and is like one of my favourite style icons Drew Barrymore . I also have curly hair, which is perfect for this look as it highlights the colour transition (although I can say I do like to occasionally straighten my hair and it still looks good) and it is very low maintenance. I had my hair coloured just over a month ago and I am planning on going back until after my holiday (which will mean November). As the top of my hair was dyed a lighter, glossier brown as my hair grows out, the gradual colour will continue. This style is fantastic for me as I lead a very busy work life (and social life too-let's face it).

Amy told me, it may take one or two times more to get the exact colour, but I am really happy with it. She also put through a few foils here and there that are blond in order to lighten the colour and my hair is now three toned-brown top graduating through to a caramel with blond highlights and blond tips. I have the choice to just go back and get a few more foils put through to lighten the overall look.

Here is a pic of me, before and after:

I love it, it has given me a new lease on life and I feel more 'me' than I have in a long time. To finish, here are some other pictures, one with straight hair, and one of the blonded tips. What hair risks have you taken lately? Kooklah Xx