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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Go-To for Needs-to-be-washed Hair

Do you ever have days where washing your hair feels like the biggest burden? Like the last thing that you actually want to do?

I do. Fairly often. Especially when I am working. I work a job that has long shifts (12hours) with busy days and the absolute last thing I feel like doing when I get home is washing and then drying my hair. Having asked some girls at work about this, the discussions started, not only did I find that I wasn't alone in not wanting to have to wash my hair on a run of shifts.

I found that the vast majority disliked the 'activity' of washing their hair altogether. Don't get me wrong, we don't like to have dirty hair but it was the effort involved. We also don't believe that you have to wash your hair every second day to have good hair. I wondered, has hair washing joined the club of bikini or jeans shopping? To be avoided until absolutley necessary?

I started watching each girl I had talked to, and what hairstyles they used. I noticed a pattern that was very close to what I do myself.

As the week went on the hairstyles went from chic well put together styles that attract attention - straight or curled styled hair (ponytails, structured 'dos)

to the use of big buns, woven styles and headbands (preferably embellished). Ala Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad, Blair Waldorf...


I noticed that as we approached the end of the week of shifts a bun with height or texture was highly favoured. I have worn a half looped ponytail for the last two nightshifts (have taken it down and combed in between), which is bobbypinned in place. I find the bobbypins helped create the structure I wanted but also helped to stop the hair falling out or becoming too noticeable that it was messy/not washed. 


Do you have a go-to style to get extra mileage out of your hair? Wide, coloured or embellished headbands are always a bonus - one of my colleagues notices that I change my headbands each time, never wearing the same one twice in a row, but he has never noticed the needs-to-be-washed hair.

For other ideas on this topic head to a past post called 'For those Bad Hair Days'.

Kooklah Xx

*Disclaimer: I do not recommend avoiding washing if you use alot of product, this will only cause build up and make you look like you have dandruff!

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