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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I LOVE Australis...

I own a plethora of makeup - it's true - you should see my makeup drawer it is STUFFED full of makeup! I love makeup and beauty treatments because they help you feel amazing, beautiful and they are so much fun to experiment and play with. I have tried many different brands, and will often try new products that come on the market.

There are a few brands that I use often but one brand that I LOVE, it is my absolute favourite - Australis Cosmetics. There are many reasons that I love this brand, particularly they are such an honest brand, they are completely Australian and make high end, high finish, beautiful products. The product description is always exact to what the product actually does and the look it achieves. They are also ethically conscious and do not test on animals.

Australis are affordable and a great deal. It is rare that a product is over $20. They also offer a discount program for students {a MASSIVE discount at 25% off}, if you are a student make sure you head to Australis' UNIDAYS for more. There are often also amazing sales at Priceline keep an eye out for those too!

They are across all social mediums including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Unlike some brands they actually respond to comments posted by followers, which makes them so much more accessible and a brand consumers can bond and relate to.

Some of my favourite products include - the Curve Ink Eyeliner which provides amazing lines and is so easy to handle with its ergonomically shaped handle {For the Style Seeking Girl wrote a review on this product in 5 Favourite Beauty Products}

The Voluptulash Mascara for intensely curled and high volume lashes

My favourite blusher also comes from Australis - it is called Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush which is a blended blush compact with different tones (not sectioned), the ones I use is called 'Screen Siren'.

In a post that will go live this weekend, I will review some products sent to me by the Australis Cosmetics team to trial.
Do you love this brand? If so, what do you love about it or it's products?

Here are some looks I created using Australis products

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