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Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Favourites on a Friday {19th July}

I don't know about you but I am completely and utterly obsessed with the phenomenon that is Pinterest, where you can collect and share 'pins' {pictures} by sharing them to your boards {of which you have different categories}... I started off with maybe five boards and now have 47. These range from quotes, fashion {I have many different categories including MY style}, beauty, blogging, inspiration, sparkle and wishlist boards. Check out my boards on my Pinterest profile - Kooklah.

I find it a great medium to group together ideas and inspiration for projects and something that makes me happy too - there are so many pretty things!

I have decided that each Friday I will share with you my five favourite things... this week I am sharing with you my five favourite 'pins' from the week.

Friday Favourite #1
A great way to add some sparkle to something that is ordinary and used everyday! Dip the end of the key in some glue - or use an old brush to paint it on and then dip into some glitter, seal once dry with clear nail polish and then have fun using your keys!

Friday Favourite #2
This look is so lovely. I fell for the tailored wave of the jacket and the casual top underneath with a cinched in waist, paired perfectly with the shiny shell effect bag for some impact. This outfit is the perfect casual-dressed up outfit - great for a date, party or dinner and drinks.

 Friday Favourite #3
This made me giggle but I can totally identify - more so with when the books ended. When Harry Potter was released, I was Harry's age and I felt like I was right beside them throughout all their adventures, like I grew up with them. And I did really. The movies extended this, but the books I re-read pretty often, I fell in love with J. K. Rowling's words and the wonderful world she created...

Friday Favourite #4
I always love a good reminder that things DO get better. No sunshine or rainbows without rain. I think this is such a good way of motivating and encouraging someone to be positive. Sometimes you have to go backwards to proceed forwards. Have some faith that something great is about to happen... because do you know what? It just might!

Friday Favourite #5
I originally found Linda Hallberg on Pinterest and fell in love with her beauty looks. She is a sensational makeup/hair stylist and blogger from Sweden. You can also follow her on instagram {Linda's handle is @lindahallbergs} for daily beauty looks... Her eye makeup is sensational! SO inspiring.

Have a happy Friday! Hope you enjoy these pics.
Sarah - Kooklah - For the Style Seeking Girl Xo

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