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Saturday, August 24, 2013

For the Love of Costume Jewellery

"A woman should mix fake and real. To ask a woman to wear real jewels only, is like asking her to cover herself with real flowers instead of flowery silk prints.” Coco Chanel

I have a very serious love affair with costume jewellery. I think it started around the time I was 4. My mother used to give me strings of beads and necklaces to dress up with. I was taken. I love it in all forms - classic imitations of pearls or iconic/designer pieces, garish gold and pieces that are oversized or make taking risks that much more fun, brighter or sparkly.

Costume jewellery is so easily accessible and can be found at markets, op shops and retail shops. My favourite pieces to collect are statement necklaces {big, textured, vibrant colours, intricate designs}, cocktail rings {usually oversized finger candy that packs a punch} and earrings {dangling ones are my favourites}. Statement necklaces are fantastic as they can be paired with pretty much everything and anything - pair with jeans and a t-shirt for understated but definitely noticed glamour or with a dress to put together the perfect event outfit.

In my opinion costume jewellery aides in not only creating a look but telling a story. It is affordable, exciting and will spark compliments or conversations. There is something for everyone - from dainty trinkets to large, oversized statement accessories. One great tip: limit the tacky... you can wear it without looking like you got dressed in the dark on the way to a fancy dress party. Some of my favourite items in my collection are tacky, but I either style it in a way that plays it up and has fun with it or tones down the glare.

My two favourite places to buy some pieces are Lovisa and Equip .. I find so many great buys and amazing accessories from these shops. I am always keeping my eyes open for statement pieces and have found them in stores like Dotti, Big W, Kmart, opshops or vintage stores and small boutiques too.

Here are six new finds I currently love {and where to buy them!} + all items are less than $30

The Mosaic Triangle Cobalt Bib {LOVISA}

Lovisa is one of my go to places for statement necklaces, I think this item is just gorgeous, a good size and I love that it not only looks classy but has some edge to it. Triangles are right on trend and once I saw this necklace I automatically thought of five outfits I would create. Added to my wishlist!
{In the research of this article I admit... I snuck out and purchased it! Retails at $29.99}

 Add some glistening glamour with the Graduated Tassle Drop Earring {Equip}
I think these are perfect for a night out or to wear to a formal, wedding or maybe just because! They are a steal at $12.99 {currently included in the buy 2 get 1 free deal from Equip}. I love these because they look sophisticated, and are in tone with the 1920s Glamour trend as shown in the Great Gatsby {read this article for more Gatsby style tips and tricks} - a classic pair of dangly earrings.
Lately, I have been obsessing over cuffs. Lovisa have the best range I can find - and most without the awful string/stretch style - below is the Gold Curved Edge Clamp Cuff I have had my eye on
Every time I look at it I think how amazing it would look paired with a little black dress or even skinny jeans and my red stilettos with gold spikes running down the heel. This is a perfect signature piece which makes a statement on its own or adds impact to a show stopping outfit. It is also available in silver, retails at $19.99 {only recently purchased the Rose Gold Tone Asymmetrical Cuff but feel this cuff may make an appearance in my collection soon!}
 If I am going to wear a costume ring, it has to have impact, make a statement and stand out... which is the definition of a cocktail ring. Originally worn on the hands of women sipping cocktails and enjoying festivities, and now available to everyone.. You can go as simple or extravagant as you want - I always think a ring has been a success when it catches someone's eye and/or you get a comment or compliment about the ring. I loved this multi-coloured, embellished ring and snapped it up for $16.99
Embrace the tribal trend with the Ombre Ribbon Necklace
No animal print on this one but I adore the weaved look using a combination of gold metal and ribbon. It reminds me of women in African tribes or easily similar to fashions I saw in Dubai. I think exotic as soon as I see it and will be keeping an eye out for any future colours to come out before I decide which one to get - the turquoise ombre is a great piece for summer - pair with white, gold and bronzed skin. You can pick this up for $19.99
Lastly, I will extend this post to including the hair - hair covers {metal rings for over ponytails}, headbands, crowns, combs, clips, hairties ... often are just as embellished as the jewellery

The Cobalt Blue Beaded Sequin Headband retails at $19.99 from Lovisa and is a great statement piece to go with an outfit for a night out, special event or even for everyday wear, the elastic band means it can easily be incorporated into many different hairstyles. The black head band from Equip{called Textured Floral Alice Headband} can be paired with a classic up-do as a replacement for a fascinator and may be a perfect headpiece to pair with an evening dress - a headband like this is also great to distract from unwashed/styled hair, grab this for $14.99
Do you have a type of costume jewellery you commonly go for? Mine is definitely statement necklaces that are either embellished, involve strands of metal or chains, have some edge to them and are definitely eye-catching! I like my accessories to stand out from the crowd. For tips on how to protect and maintain any embellished pieces you may have or buy, read this post we wrote last year: Protect the Sparkle
Sarah - Kooklah - Living Doll Xo
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  1. You do some pretty inspiring stuff. I wish I could find the jewelry pieces. I live in Arizona and haven't found much by way of old costume jewelry at the yard sales. It's too expensive at the second hand shops. Nice site anyways. Your time and efforts are appreciated.
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