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Friday, October 22, 2010


I love clothes, I love shoes, I love accessories and I love makeup.
I am in no way an expert but I love to have fun with fashion and makeup and experiment and my friends often ask for advice. The best advice to start off with is:
      1. Flaunt your assests
      2. Be confident in what you are wearing
      3. Know what works for you (re-those assests)
      4. Have fun!
1. Flaunt your assests- most girls, who have not been hidden under a rock or in some imageless galaxy, will have favourite things about their body, or know what often looks best. These are the areas to flaunt. One girl will have an amazing cleavage, another amazing legs, amazing arms, an amazing ass. Whichever it is, the clothes are there to suit. Many trends come and go-but if you keep that basic tip in your head, you can find clothes that will look good, follow the trend (if you are that way inclined) and draw attention away from areas of your body you hate.
For Me: mine are my curves, I have alot fo figurehugging, waist/bust emphasising dresses. i don't like my thighs-so i wear dresses that land either at the knee or mid thigh. Mid thigh dresses create a slimming effect on the thigh.
  * A good idea to get started is to look at your body, decide what you want to emphasis and then look for examples of people with similar body types who look amazing-people you know/celebrities etc, the basics of what they are wearing can be key elements to implement in your wardrobe.

2. Be confident in what you are wearing- Sounds obvious hey, even easy. It isn't always. Some nights it seems like nothing fits, a dress you've had for five years, those new pants you JUST brought. My mum has always said to me, don't fidget with your clothes, at first i used to be so annoyed with her. But then I realised, when you fidget-people watch you and you look uncomfortable and self-conscious. So ladies, a V-neck will show off your cleavage, if that makes you uncomfortable and you keep pulling up the shirt/dress, where a more rounded neck or a strapless dress/shirt. You are pulling it because you think you're showing too much, you most likely aren't, but comfort is key. Don't wear massive heels if you always wear flats. Start from basic kitten heels and increase as you become more confident.
If you feel comfortable you will be more confident, act confident if you have to. Smile, or flick your hair, hold onto that drink tightly, listen to the music. It becomes easier and the more you shop for you and dress in a way that flaunts the things you love about your body, the better off you will be!

For Me: I build confidence as I am getting ready, where possible I take as much time as possible to get ready, blasting my favourite tunes, trying on clothes/makeup/hairstyles. You become more used to what you are wearing, feels natural. and if all else fails, remember what Carrie Bradshaw would say-- "You're Fabulous!"

3.Know what works for you- This can be patterns, shapes, lengths, styles, colours. don't be afraid to mix it up and try out new options. But some things are fail safe. Really curvy girls-beware of patterns, wouldn't say never but try patterns on angles instead of straight lines. Use colours which complement your skin tone. This is really the area where trial and error comes into play. Some have colours which always catch their eye, some recognise the brilliance of a simple dress with attention to detail and may buy multiple colours (recent purchase-a figure hugging dress with frill on the front and the back. Brought one in black and one in white).

4. Have Fun- experiment, have fun!! Its not all about rules, break them. But do so stylishly... The biggest rule I like to break is 'everything must match'. I don't believe so. I like to sometimes wear a basic outfit with a dash of wild colour. Or be wearing red heels with a mint green clutch.
Your accessories can complement but do not have to match. Layers are also fun.
Or mixing types of clothes, such as a tulle tutu skirt combined with a tour shirt, or a summer dress with a leather jacket.

I started this blog, because I often muse about clothes or what I see in a magazine and wanted to put my thoughts out there. i am interested in your thoughts too. Do you agree/disagree? I am not so concerned with criticsim but discussion. Let me know, what you want to read/view, what you think about a topic I have chosen. New post soon!


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