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Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Essential Make-up Items Kept Close

Like most girls, I always have a few items left in my handbag "just in case". Often they are anything from moisturiser, facial wipes, eyeshadow, clear or glitter nail polish, nail file, eyeliner and foundation.

Whilst looking at a post on Lauren Conrad's website about the three items she makes sure are always in her handbag, I was inspired to think about what mine would be. The three items I would pick as three essential items to keep close (particularly for quick fix-ups, mini makeovers or in situations where you get a last minute invite and need a major touch-up) are concealor, lipgloss and mascara. Below I have included a reason why these are my picks and how they can be used as substitutes for other make-up items.

*Concealor- For blemishes, dark circles if I am in a rush in the morning or need a touch up. But as the concealor I keep in my bag is a stick, if spread thin it can also be used as a back up to foundation.

*Lipgloss- I prefer light or hot pink. Keeps lips smooth and shiny- you never know who is falling in love with your smile! Also if pressed it can be used as a gel blush to add colour over cheeks, put over concealor on eyelids or lips for a matte effect creating an eyeshadow gel (looks especially good if the gloss is shiny or has flecks of glitter).

*Mascara- Essential for 'awake' eyes and to make sure my long eyelashes are nice and curled. Also, if I don't have my trusty eyebrow brush (which is one of my favourite beauty items) a mascara wand makes a good back up.

Happy Styling,
Kooklah Xx

(Please click to view Lauren's article, beauty-essentials)

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