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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anticipation for Beauty..

As anyone who knows me or reads my blogs would know, one of my favourite celebrities is Lauren Conrad. She is one of my icons- for style, beauty and etiquette. Very classy.

I have a hardcopy of 'Style', Lauren's first book on tips, tricks, hits and misses, it is a great guide to sorting out what your own individual style is as well as providing fantastic ideas to try. I am eagerly awaiting the release of another guide called 'Beauty' (see below for the cover). Anyone who watched 'The Hills' will be greatly anticipating 'Beauty' as well- the winged tip eyeliner, perfect (and SENSATIONAL) waved hair, red lips, smooth skin, defined eyebrows and updos for nights out.

Lauren has also stated that she will be including her less then fine moments, which I think is really commendable, it means that she recognises that style and beauty are constantly changing, you learn and grow with your individual tastes and learn from mistakes. I know I definitely have made many, but they have enabled me to improve.. mostly it is just looking back that you notice it-looking at photos and cringing. Below are a few style or beauty misses I have been guilty of over the years:

*  Blue eyeshadow- not in a blended, coloured smokey eye way but in year 8 I LOVED wearing bright blue eyeshadow, with everything. I thought I rocked it... at the time.
*  Just below the knee ugg-boots.. Yep I grew up (in high school), with that trend. Me and my best friend had a matching latte coloured pair with fur/wool at the top of the boot and shoelaces that tied up the side of the boot. Oh dear.
*  Overaccessorising- when I was younger it was multiple bracelets, a necklace, earrings.. Coco Chanel was right, less is more. Or using a eye-catching statement piece that is bold and requires no other
* Tights as pants. Now (unless I am in the comfort of my own home), I use tights paired with dresses, oversized shirts/jumpers where the garment come to atleast mid thigh.

I do not regret any of these as they have all gotten me to the style I have now, I'm not saying it is perfect but I am definitely better at putting together an outfit and often get friends asking for advice or assistance.

I cannot wait to add this book to my collection of style, beauty and fashion guides, lookbooks and how-tos. I use them to learn more about these areas, dicover new tricks or perfect a skill. Coming up in a couple of posts time I am going to be talking about Nina Garcia, currently working at Marie Claire in America as 'Fashion Director', who has some fabulous style tips-which she has released four books about!

Do you have a fashion guide/book/guru who inspires your style and/or the way you achieve it? If so, who and why?

Kooklah Xx