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Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Trend Alert #1- Embellished Stockings

I love this trend... It has began to pop up again after Lady Gaga rocked an amazing white embellished pair at a New Years Eve Party last year. It allows functionality and warmth whilst adding some sparkle and glamour. It is a complete step forward from patterened tights. There are many kinds from subtle diamontes/studs, woollen tights with detail, pattenered (such as lace) with detail and over the top- show stopping pairs.
In 2009 designers used embellished stockings on the runway to add some glitz to their already amazing clothing. Zac Posen and Mui Mui are two of these designers:
Zac Posen Red Embellished Stockings 2009
Mui Mui Thick Embellished Tights
Zac Posen

Mui Mui also created embellished socks, I love the idea of a cosy winter holiday with friends or a lover, curled up near a fire, feet on the footstool with my embellished socks on show!!

 Last year this trend was popular with Caroline D'Amore, Katy Perry, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga to name a few. Jean Paul Gaultier also featured this trend during his ready to wear Spring/Summer fashion shows
Lady Gaga- NYE 2011

Caroline D'Amore

Below I have included some pics of the types of embellished stockings/tights/leggings available

Studded Tights
Polyvore/Bebaroque embellished stockings

Cocorsa Embellished Tights- these ones are beaded

Bebaroque front embellished stockings. How amazing are these??? I so want a pair! I will endeavour this year to buy and wear (AND ROCK) a pair of embellished stockings... With a cocktail dress and jacket for winter, peeping out of a trenchcoat as I wander down New York's time square in September or teamed with a dress and leather jacket for an edgy-glam look.

Send me a pic or comment if you also like/try this trend!

Kooklah Xx


  1. Such an interesting trend! I like the simple polka dot style ones with the simple studs - they look quite nice :)

    1. It is, isn't it? I do like the idea of the basic stocking getting a makeover. They are beautiful, my favourite though are the Bebaroque ones- I do love that they are take notice! Good to hear from you :)

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