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Monday, January 14, 2013

KUSHLA - Product Review

KUSHLA is an Australian online accessories store. They have selected certain pieces of jewellery and accessories that are special and different to any you will have seen before. What I found fantastic about their collection is that there is a very limited number for each item sold. The idea behind this is to create a sense of individuality or uniqueness, don't you love it? There won't be a thousand people with the same item as you!

In 2012 the lovely people of KUSHLA contacted me asking would I take part in their launch, I was excited as this was something new for me, I hadn't had many emails for the blog at that stage and it definitely spurred me on to making a great effort with my blog. At the start of this year, I recieved my first piece of physical mail for the blog, I could touch it, I was so thrilled. It was addressed to my blog - so huge for a girl who started this blog to satisfy herself. I had recieved a package, I opened it to find a letter offering an accessory from their current collection.

The accessory I was given, is called 'All Tied Up Rope Bracelet' ($21.99). As soon as I opened the package I felt something. This piece reminded me of travelling, collecting memories and moments that form the glorious stories you recount when you return home.

What I love about this piece is the collection of charms and various other items that are attached to the rope. There are faux pearls/jewels, a piece of shell, as well as the charms which include a key, horseshoe, heart, bow and enamel tokens. It looks like the small trinkets you could collect at markets and stalls whilst walking the streets of far away destinations.

This piece comes in a variety of colours, as depicted on the site you can wear them woven around your wrist or ankle (layer a couple for a bohemian feel, or take inspiration from my post Hint of Glamour #3 and combine with other bangles and bracelets). Nothing says traveller like rope bracelets that are intriguing and spark memories or questions. Other ways to style this accessory include using it as a key ring, attaching to the strap of your handbag or across body bag (essential when travelling!), tying it in a bow on your suitcase handle - you will easily identify it at baggage claim, attaching it to your travel journal or hanging it by your holiday pictures. This would be a fantastic gift to give someone who is about to depart overseas, they could even add their own charms and trinkets to it!


I hope you enjoy looking through the Kushla website and current collection as much as I have... I am so excited to see the future collections and hope to work with them again some day! Please comment or email me with any comments you have! Especially if you have or do try a piece of the collection. Communicate with them on twitter/instagram via #KUSHLA and @kushlasocial or via the Kushla facebook page.

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Happy Online Shopping and Styling!
Kooklah Xx

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