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Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Day Challenge (Hair Dare)

Due to the fantastic six degrees of separation Instagram provides I came across Fox in Flats who provides inspiration and hints for good style in motherhood. I certainly am not a mother, but I have fallen in love with this site and with the updates I get since clicking the 'follow' button (check out @foxinflats). They also have a facebook page click here. It is fun, stylish and there are dares!

The current one (which I only discovered yesterday) is a hair dare. Encouraging those involved to step out of hair comfort zones and try something different. I know my hair comfort (since I cut it short) is a looped ponytail (you know the half pulled through ponytail) - especially at work. So I decided I would accept the challenge, for the next seven days my hair would have to be different from the last.

Yesterday (Jan 17) was my day one - I had to go to work and it reminded me of those 1950s posters with the girls with headscarves tied in a bow around their head. I did a variation of this in that I formed a messy bun and used a headscarf only around the bun to form a bow. Add winged eyeliner and I was ready!

Keen to see if I can do this! I know it would have been so easy with my long hair so I was even more driven to accept this dare. I will update daily on here and then at the end (if I can complete it) I will post all the pics together..

Let me know if you are doing it too! Follow @saregiak on instagram or @sarahgiak on twitter to see the pics as they are taken. As always would love to read your comments or click me an email to

Go on, style it up... I dare you! ;)

Kooklah Xx


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